Automatic Gates
& Controls

An automatic gate system adds extra security and convenience to any residential or commercial fence. We offer many different types of automatic gate systems which can be installed on any type of fence – chain link, vinyl, wood, ornamental, and more!

Installation and Replacement.

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to open and close your fence or gate? An automatic gate system could be right for your fence. Our team of fencing experts will give you an estimate on an automatic gate system for your fence and help determine if your property could benefit from this extra fencing feature.

Automatic Gate Benefits:


Automatic gates provide easy and secure access to your property and avoid any hassle of manually opening and closing your fence. We offer a variety of automatic gates and controls you can purchase for all types of fencing – wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental.


Automatic fence gates provide increased security for your home and will restrict public access to your property. You will feel an increased sense of safety, knowing that your secure fence prevents your small children or pets from easily wandering into the street, and keeps intruders out.

Automatic fence gates are often used in commercial fences or temporary fences to create a more secure environment.

Curb Appeal

Automatic gates and controls on your fence will also raise the curb appeal of your home and even increase its property value. The are an investment that will keep your family safe and provide added value to your home. Some insurance companies may even lower your premium when you install an automatic gate system for your fence.


We offer a variety of customization for your automatic gates or controls and have a multiple add-ons options, such as security cameras.

Our team of experts will install the automatic system of your choice and explain the functions. In addition, we can give you tips and provide maintenance to your automatic gate system to keep it running smoothly. We also provide repair services to your existing automatic gate system. Give us a call at 406-431-6182 to learn more about our automatic gate and control packages to add on to any new fencing project, or to upgrade your existing fence. 

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