Garden Fences

Installation and Replacement.

Whether you want to close off your garden from unwanted wild animals or keep your little ones safe while in the yard, garden fencing is essential for anyone who feels the need to protect the garden they put so much effort into. Our expert fence builders will install the perfect fence of your choosing around your garden to provide you the security you need with the quality you deserve.

Garden Fence Benefits:


A fence around your garden won’t only protect any growing fruits and vegetables from wild animals, but a professionally built one can add to your home’s overall appeal.


A waist-high picket fence can define the boundary of your garden or property, give shelter to your plants from the elements, and attract the eye.


Garden fencing can even act as a sort of sound barrier, preventing outside noise, such as cars driving by, from being so loud and creating a more peaceful environment in your home and garden.

Endless Choices

No matter the style of garden fence you are looking for, from wood to wire to metal, Helena Fence Co. can get it installed for you. Our team will always be available to help guide you during any step of the process.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to have the perfect garden fence installed, call us today at 406-431-6182! We can get started by figuring out what exactly you will need and come up with a solid plan that fits your style, your budget, and your fence expectations. Let our team with decades of experience install the perfect frame for your already beautiful garden.

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