Picket Fences

Installation and Replacement.

Picket fences are a popular choice for its practicality and unique style. The white picket fence is a well-known American classic and the icon of home fencing, but any picket fence can add property value and curb appeal to your home while giving off a friendly vibe to your neighbors. With our wide selection of picket fences, we can guarantee that we’ll find the right one for you to be installed by our service professionals and upheld by our satisfaction guarantee.

Picket Fence Benefits:


Picket fences are a great way to keep the kids and pets in a safe area without having to turn your home into a fortress of solitude.

Curb Appeal

With their practical design, picket fences will add curb appeal to any home and can even help with increasing the property value.


We love to build picket fences with vinyl because the material scarcely requires any maintenance and will last for ages. They’re also much tougher than your average wood fence and are able to withstand some impact.


Picket fences are great for any ‘good neighbor’ type, as they provide a very open and inviting look in comparison to other fencing options.


While it is most commonly used for residential properties, a picket fence would also look great with local businesses that want to give a friendlier appearance to people passing by.

Whatever the reason, if you believe picket fences suit you the best, we’ll make sure our trained fence builders provide you with a high-grade picket fence of your choice. If you would rather install it yourself, we can provide you with the materials you will need to get the job done. Call us at 406-431-6182 and have one of our picket fences installed today!

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