Split Rail Fences

Installation and Replacement.

If you want to lay a fence around a large property or farm without breaking the bank, split rail fencing is the perfect choice to go with. They provide a classic look while staying quite practical. Split rail fences have a very simplistic and inexpensive design, preventing you from paying a fortune for a large area. You can be sure that Helena Fence Co. will provide you with a high-quality split rail fence of your choice, backed by our trained professionals and their satisfaction guarantee.

Split Rail Fence Benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal

While split rail fencing sets boundaries for your neighbors or livestock, it won’t take away from the scenic attributes of your property. They will usually add a rustic Western appeal to your home and landscape.


Because of its more simplistic design, split rail fences are very inexpensive to install and repair compared to other fencing options. Split rail fencing requires much fewer materials and takes less time to install, making it a very cost-effective fencing option, especially for large areas.

Long Lasting

While split rail fences may seem weaker, they’re actually quite durable, meaning they will last for quite a long time.


Split rail fences can be made from many types of wood, or sometimes even vinyl, and adding a wire mesh fence will give it even more security. They are incredibly customizable, so we can find the perfect style for you!

Regardless of which split rail fencing design you choose, you can trust that our over decades of experience will help us provide you with only the best fencing for your home or property. If you would rather install the fence yourself, we can provide you with any materials you will need to get the project done. Call us at 406-431-6182 to get high quality split rail fencing today!

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