Gated Community Fences

Installation and Replacement.

Whether it be for a small neighborhood, a shared pool enclosure, or an apartment complex, gated community fencing is a great way to give your residents both extra privacy and security. All of our gated community fences are satisfaction guaranteed and built to last. We can work with dedicated electrical contractors that are able to add keypads and other enhanced security features. You can rest easy knowing that our over twenty years of experience will ensure your gated community fence will give you the privacy and security you deserve.

Gated Community Fence Benefits:


Any annoying door-to-door solicitors, and even criminal activity, have a much more difficult (if not impossible) time interrupting your daily life. Likely, the only solicitors that will make it to your door are the neighborhood children selling Girl Scout Cookies and magazine subscriptions. And let’s be honest, who isn’t excited for that every year?

Low Traffic

Heavy traffic and speeding vehicles are also decreased with the help of automatic gates, making it quieter and much safer for kids to play and ride bikes within the community. You will no longer need to worry about the early morning commuters using your street as a shortcut, regardless of how much they want to.

Aesthetic Appeal

The beautiful designs of gated community fences encourage a higher standard of home quality, meaning better value for the homeowners within the community.


These high-quality gates will give you a feeling of exclusivity. One of the things that people really like about living in gated communities is that they are considered to be exclusive neighborhoods. It’s akin to a status symbol that people can show off.

No matter the reason behind wanting a gated community fence, our team of experts will deliver a durable and safe fence for your community. Give us a call today at 406-431-6182 for your free estimate!

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