Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fences do you sell?

Helena Fence Co. sells fencing of all kinds! Our most popular material options are chain link, wood, vinyl, and ornamental, but we also offer: If you don’t see the fence you’re looking for, reach out to us! We would love to help you out.

Can I buy the fence material and DIY?

Yes! We will sell you the materials you will need, and our fencing professionals will be happy to explain the process.

How much maintenance do fences require?

Chain link fences, ornamental fences, and vinyl fences are relatively maintenance free. Use your hose to wash off any minor spots or stains. A wood fence requires staining periodically.

How long will the fence last?

The type of fencing you choose will determine the lifespan of your fence. Chain link, ornamental, and vinyl should last virtually a lifetime. Wood fences generally lasts 12-15 years.

How much does a vinyl fence cost compared to a wood fence?

The price is comparable. A vinyl fence costs more but does not require the routine maintenance and care that a wood fence does, so the cost evens out over time.

Will my fence rust, fade, peel, or chip?

It’s natural for fences to deteriorate over time with their exposure to the elements, however chain link fences and ornamental fences should not rust, fade, peel, or chip.

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We've Changed Our Name!

Dave’s Fencing is now Helena Fence Co. While we’ve changed our name and our look, we’ll still be the same company, providing the same high-quality fencing services you love!