Fence Installation & Repairs in East Helena, Montana

Your Local Fencing Contractor in East Helena

Before you break ground on a new fence, call Helena Fence Co. We’ve built quality residential and commercial fences in East Helena and beyond since 1993. Our goal is to build you a fence that fits your functional, aesthetic, and budget requirements. Our qualified team of experts is there for you through every step of the process, whether you need help choosing between wood, vinyl, temporary, or another fencing option or need your fence installed flawlessly.

If you prefer installing fencing yourself, we will be ready to share advice based on our years of experience or supply quality fencing materials. No fencing project is the same, so when you have a vision for your East Helena property’s fencing, contact Helena Fence Co. Experience our customer-first model for yourself and get a free estimate by calling 406-431-6182.

What to Consider Before Adding a Fence to Your Property

  • Why do you need a fence?

The first step before you build any fencing is to know its intended purpose. A garden, privacy, or temporary event fence will likely each be made of different materials and built to fulfill a specific need, such as keeping out wildlife versus guiding crowds. Having insight into the range of fencing materials and functions is a great starting point before any fencing decisions are finalized. Reach out to Helena Fence Co. for more information on certain fence types and what solutions we recommend.

  • What kind of maintenance will your fence need? 

Fences made of vinyl, wood, chain link, or other materials will require varying degrees of maintenance. Wood fences are a timeless, beautiful choice, but they need more upkeep than vinyl. Chain link fencing requires almost no maintenance at all. The amount of maintenance you want to put into your fence can be a large factor in what fencing type you choose.

  • How do you prepare when you are doing it yourself?

Installing a fence on your own is a big project, but it is often a chosen route in order to save costs. If you want to tackle adding a fence on your own, Helena Fence can provide you with the same high-quality materials we use. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts if you have questions or want to turn your project over to the professionals.

  • Will your fence need customization?

There is no shortage of possibilities for fencing solutions. Whether your fenced area is a unique shape, sits on a hill, or has other distinctive challenges, we can help you find a custom fencing solution. We can even help you add upgrades, such as an automatic gate.

Installing Your Own Fence?

Most home and business owners find installing a fence to be a time-consuming and difficult project to tackle on your own. If you have questions about installing your own fence or would prefer to have the Helena Fence Team handle the installation, call us at 406-431-6182.