Highway Fencing

Installation and Replacement

Highway fencing is a critical yet often underappreciated part of our highway systems. It serves a variety of purposes, from sound control to safety, to even just aesthetics. Helena Fence Co. is here to install and replace your highway fencing. We work with a variety of materials and understand the federal compliances for highway fencing. Contact us for the job, our fencing experts will build a protective barrier that is both attractive and efficient.

Highway Fencing Purposes:

Wilderness Protection

Helena, MT, is no stranger to wildlife. Luckily, highway fencing can prevent unnecessary crashes and the death of hundreds of animals a year. Installing highway fencing will draw clear boundaries between the roads and the wilderness, putting everyone in safer hands.

Let's Get Started!

Helena Fence Co. has been in business since 1993 and is proud to serve our Helena and East Helena communities. For durable, protective fencing, give us a call today. We can install and replace your fencing, providing materials that work within your budget.