Fence Replacement in Bozeman, Montana

Helena Fence provides a range of quality fencing services to residents across the Bozeman area. Fencing can last for many years, especially when it is well maintained; however, sometimes weather, age, or human impact can have an extensive enough effect to require fencing replacement. When your fence is worse for wear and needs extra attention, we offer repairs, removal, and new fence installation

Replacement services can include anything from a minor section repair to a complete replacement. If you notice a chain link fence starting to lean, some missing boards in your wood fence, or other problems with your Bozeman property’s fence, contact our experts to help you decide if a fence replacement is suitable.

Signs Your Fence Needs Replacement

In many cases, you can visually see the problems your fence faces and can take action to schedule repairs or replacements to restore it to its best quality. Replacements are especially essential if the fence no longer fulfills its intended purpose. Some signs your fence may need replacement include:

  • Leaning or sagging
  • Signs of rot or mold
  • Missing boards
  • Missing or loose parts, like fasteners
  • Holes or cracking
  • Fading or discolor
  • Rusting or corroding
  • Large damage due to an accident
  • Evidence of termites in wood fencing

Replacing your home or commercial property’s fence has many of the same benefits as installing a new fence, including added resistance to weather, such as wind and snow, a long lifespan, and added security. You may also choose to replace your existing fence as an opportunity to switch to a material that offers better function and aesthetics than your current fence.

Fence Replacements by Helena Fence

We Specialize in the Following Fence Replacements:

Chain Link Fence

We bring years of experience to our work and can effectively determine the integrity of your chain link fence. We can perform repairs such as mending holes or straightening posts, as well as replace sections or the entirety of the fence if there are widespread structural issues.

Wood Fence

It is often easy to repair a small section of a wood fence, including replacing a few posts or boards that experience rotting or cracking. If more than a couple (typically twenty percent) of these parts are facing damage, or if your entire fence is leaning, it is best to schedule a full replacement with our team of experts.

Ornamental Fence

Treating ornamental fencing for rust and replacing damaged panels is an excellent option for repairing fencing and prolonging its lifespan. Despite its durability and in addition to frequent repairs, a total replacement is needed when your ornamental fence is worn or damaged beyond repair.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is popular for its durability, with a lifespan of up to 30 years. Like wood fencing, a single post or slat of a vinyl fence can be repaired to keep the entire structure in functional and lasting shape. Extensive damage on an older fence may benefit from a complete replacement, offering you an additional opportunity to change the layout and style of your fencing.

Schedule with Bozeman Fence Contractors You Can Trust

Helena Fence has been providing Bozeman with top-notch service since 1993. No matter what fence type you have on your property, Helena Fence can help with repairs and replacements. Call us for a free estimate, or schedule your replacement appointment online. If you need a new fence installed on your property, we are also happy to help.