Bozeman’s Commercial Fencing Experts

Helena Fence Co. provides a wide range of custom fencing solutions for business owners across the Bozeman, Montana, area for commercial properties of all kinds. Public properties have unique factors to consider when adding a fence, especially security level factors such as height and automatic gates. Aesthetic value considerations are another factor that may differ from residential fencing since commercial fencing needs to comply with specific city building codes. A business that is open to the public will also require fencing that is welcoming to customers.

Your Bozeman business’s primary operating purpose is the driving force behind choosing the right type of fence. A property such as a school will be focused on the safety of the students first and foremost, which may result in the attractiveness of the fence taking a back seat. Similarly, a commercial pool will need the highest level of safety and security. On the other hand, a downtown restaurant may want to create an outdoor seating area with a fence more focused on beauty and atmosphere, while a construction site needs a fencing solution that can be taken up and down quickly. No matter what fencing your business needs, Helena Fence Co. provides quality materials and experienced fencing specialists to help you create the perfect solution.

Commercial Fencing Options

Chain link fencing is one of the most recognizable types of fencing, chain link fences are durable and affordable. Made with zig-zagging, woven, galvanized steel wires, this material has earned its popularity for being weather and rust-resistant.

Wood fences are common for residential homes but can bring a combination of beauty and security to commercial properties as well. They are highly customizable, with style choices such as solid style, shadow box, picket, and split rail.

Vinyl fencing is best when your commercial property needs the best of both security and appearance without breaking the bank, vinyl fences are the most requested fencing style Helena Fence Co. installs. They are highly customizable and extremely resistant to Bozeman’s weather. This resistance makes maintenance simple since this material doesn’t rot, crack, fade, or require regular staining or sealing.  

Ornamental fences is chosen for its beauty and elegance, ornamental fencing offers security, ease of maintenance, and durability. The versatility of this material makes it highly customizable, with the ability to change height and bar spacing. This material is a popular choice when an added automatic gate is desired.

Temporary fences are not a permanent solution. Not every commercial job needs permanent solution. A temporary fence will be more painless and affordable in cases like event management or construction sites. When short-term security is desired, our team can create custom temporary fencing with nearly endless possibilities. 

Get Started with Commercial Fencing That Works For You

If you are ready to transform your Bozeman business with a custom fence, trust Helena Fence Co. for quality fencing that fits your vision and budget. Get your free quote, or call us today to get started. Our fencing professionals will bring their years of experience to create the perfect solution for your commercial project.