Helena's Commercial Fencing Experts

The custom fence of your dreams is waiting for you when you work with Helena Fence Co. for your commercial fencing project. Whatever business you have in the Helena area, we can create a fencing solution that fits your unique needs. Public fences have considerations that differ from residential properties, including different security needs. We pay special attention to the height of your commercial fence to meet local Helena regulations and to usability features like automatic gates. City building codes can also affect the aesthetics of your commercial fence, requiring adhesion to rules while balancing curb-appeal to customers. Our experts take all these factors and more into account while we are helping you find the perfect commercial fencing solution.

Commercial fencing choices are directly tied to the operations of your business. Safety and security are probably the first concerns for properties like schools or public pools, with the attractiveness becoming a less important aspect. One of Helena’s restaurants, in contrast, may need fencing to create a separate, private outdoor dining area, which would require a focus on the atmosphere the fence provides over other functions. Differing again, a construction site needs temporary fencing that adapts to the project being built and can be removed when completed. Regardless of the purpose of your new fencing, working with Helena Fence Co. assures you that the project is completed with quality material and by specialists with years of experience.

Commercial Fencing Options

Wood Fences: Often the first image that comes to mind for fencing, wood fencing is a timeless, beautiful choice of material offering privacy and security. Although more common for homes, wood fencing is still a great choice for commercial properties, especially for their customizability. Wood fence styles include picket, shadow box, split rail, and much more.

Chain Link Fences: A simple fencing method with supreme function, chain link fences are chosen due to their durability and affordability. Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel wires, which are woven in a zig-zag pattern. Featuring excellent weather-resistance and anti-rust properties, chain link fencing is versatile for all your commercial needs.

Vinyl Fences: Long-lasting and customizable, vinyl fencing offers the best of both function and aesthetics. The most request fence material installed by our team, vinyl fences have the added benefit of being extremely weather-resistant. Combined with their inability to rot, crack, or need staining, vinyl fences are easy to maintain and keep looking great for years to come.

Temporary Fencing: Commercial fencing options don’t have to require a complex, long lasting solution. We offer temporary fencing solutions, usually made of chain link or plastic, for uses such as events or construction site security. Temporary fencing is a solution that offers security and crowd management without the pain or cost of a more complex installation. If you need fencing for a short amount of time, our experts are ready to create a solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Ornamental Fences: Bring security to the next level of beauty with ornamental fencing solutions. Ornamental offerings have a wide variety of design options, bringing elegance to your property. These fences are made with material that is durable and easy to maintain. Similar to wood fences, the height, style, and bar spacing are also extremely customizable. Ornamental fences can even include an automatic gate that matches the style of the fence.

Commercial Fencing That Works For Your Business

When your Helena business needs a face-lift or added security, turn to the experts at Helena Fence Co. We’ll help you find the solution that meets your utilitarian and beauty needs while adhering to your budget. Call us today to get started and receive a free quote for your project. We’ll use our years of experience to make your commercial business stand out and stay secure.