Helena's Local Fencing Installation Company

Helena Fence Co. has been providing quality fencing installation across Helena since 1993 for both residential and commercial properties. Our experts install fencing of all materials, including chain link, wood, vinyl, and more, to fit the unique style and landscape of your future fence.

Adding a fence, especially one installed by professionals, can bring your property curb appeal and resale value in the long run while offering privacy and security day to day. If you are considering a fence installation for your home or business, Helena Fence is here to handle your project, providing dependable, beautiful fencing.

Many customers consider adding their own fence themselves, not realizing the time and work a fence installation can take. Avoid the stress and tedium of a DIY project by choosing the professionals at Helena Fence Co. for your fencing installation. We have the experience, skill, and tools to ensure your new fence is installed correctly and timely. A fence installed by our team means a fence installed correctly. Save your time, money, and unneeded stress by leaving the fencing to Helena Fence Co.!

Helena Fence Experts

Helena’s climate can result in storms, snow, wind, and much more, and our fencing materials must be able to withstand it all. We have expertise with fencing of all kinds, which allows you to rest easy knowing whatever material and layout you choose for your new fence will last.

Residential and commercial property owners can take advantage of our customizable fence installation solutions because we know that every property is different. Give us a call or schedule a consultation, and we’ll be happy to discuss materials, styles, and layout options for your project. In addition, we offer automatic gate installation that can be done simultaneously with your fence installation.

Get Started on your Fence Installation

Avoid the pain and work of a do-it-yourself fence installation by trusting the Helena Fence Co. professionals. We’ll have your property being the talk of the town; contact us online or call us for your free quote.